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In 2003 we produced our first infomercial, and have since produced thousands of infomercials. We now produce 30 sec TV, Web Videos, ‘Live’ TV sports and event programming, live web production, and of course 28 min 30 sec infomercials. Here’s just a taste of our capabilities.

Our Services

Concept & Strategy

Global Media can generate a creative campaign from original concept to production and placement. We also provide co-op management and custom tracking.

  • Marketing concept
  • Original creative scripting to brand you to consumers
  • Marketing campaigns: Radio, TV, Billboard, Internet and Print
  • Custom tracking and results analysis of your campaign
  • Effective and controlled spending

Direct Response

Direct response is our bread and butter. Whether you’re looking to sell a house, car, diet plan, hot tub, or widget, we’ve got you covered.

  • TV
  • Web Landing Pages
  • Video Emails
  • Radio
  • Print
  • 'Call Now' Campaigns
  • 'Click Now’ Campaigns


100% in-house production. Global Media produces a wide variety of commercials, infomercials, and more!

  • Multiple Edit suites, 3D Design, Pro-Tools
  • Direct Response Infomercials (short form and long form)
  • 30s and 60s second Radio and TV commercials
  • Full-service English and Spanish for all campaigns
  • Graphics designed to grab your target audience

Multi-Media Placement

Global Media can handle all your media placement and management, whether local, regional, or national.

  • TV - 30/60 Second Spot – run your spots locally or nationally
  • Direct Response (Infomercial)
  • Print - Local Papers & Major Circulation
  • Radio - FM Music & AM Talk, Internet Radio
  • Internet - Banner & Advertisement, Video Email campaigns
Live Sports and Event Production

Looking to go live with your event on TV or online?

Let Global Media produce your event AND secure the proper outlet for your event. Over the past few years Global Media has placed live shows on several of the worlds top sports TV networks. Whether its the Olympic Trials, The World Championships or a local high school championship, we have the ability to scale as large or small as you need for your event. In addition to the thousands of hours of programing, we’ve also secured commercial inventory for our clients to help resell their events.

Talent, experience and knowledge to make the most of your dollars!

We have the ability to staff appropriately as your campaign grows with Call Source tracking for pinpointing your leads and the hands-on guidance to track your results with greater accuracy!

Our Clients

Global Media has produced media for a wide variety of clients, from large corporate brands to small companies. Regardless of the company size, we handle each client with personal attention. At Global, we "customize" to meet the size of your media needs. Whether your current status is small or large business, we can help you go from baby steps to giant leaps. We can put together a multi-platform marketing campaign to help you grow your business.

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Here are a few companies we have worked with.

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Global Media Marketing is a full service agency, with a personal touch!

Global is in the perfect position to provide you with the type of personalized attention you deserve. Having opened its doors as agency in 2003, the staff at Global comes with years of industry experience. Having been a part of larger agencies, we've modeled our approach on their positives, while customizing our own approach so that you won't get lost in the "corporate machine". Global is here to meet and manage all of your media and marketing needs.

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